Anime Review 137 Assassins Pride.


Assassin’s Pride was painful. I’m not even sure it is worse than 2015’s The Asterisk War which was one of the worst things I have ever seen then again.


I don’t compare trash bags to each other. The whole point of the trash bag is to depose the trash bag from your house to the trash bin not to compare how smelly they are otherwise the house would be smelling of garbage.

This is easily the worst anime of the fall 19 season, beating out the worst isekai animes of that season.

Am not even sure that this show was done by human beings.

Before I talk about the show’s plot, let’s immediately dive into this show’s technical aspects.

This show looks like shit. This is a show that came out in 2019 yet it feels like I am watching a 2005 anime production.

The only decent thing about the visuals is the character’s designs which are okay when they are not using the powers that make them glow as it just looks very bad.

Everything else from the animation, background scenery and the fight scenes are a mess then again. This show was made by the same studio that made The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar the worst Isekai anime ever made.

I honestly forgot this show had a soundtrack. This is one of those shows that has a sizeable amount of tracks yet it plays a handful of tracks over and over again.

The opening and ending themes were competent but nothing special. They are both enjoyable songs on their own right but they don’t really stand out compared to other OP/ED from the season.

The original Japanese audio is serviceable and gets the job done as you expect.

Being a dub fan I had to check out the dub for Assassin’s Pride. I watched the first 6 episodes of the dub, turned off my PS4 and I regretted the day when I had to listen to it. This is got to be the worst dub from Sentai in a long time. The voice acting is over-dramatic and stiff. The audio quality was hot garbage and ADR direction was atrocious. I honestly felt bad for Brittney Karbowski as she had to voice a garbage character like Melida.

Since I am done talking about the show’s technical aspects, let’s finally talk about the show plot

The plot/characters.


This plot is more uninspired than a generic anime fighting game campaign. If you have seen The Asterisk War, Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor and The Irregular at Magic High School then you watch Assassins Pride. It’s lazy, uninspired and soulless.

maxresdefault (6)

What makes this empty shell of a plot even worse is how the writer managed to screw it up to a point where the show becomes unbearable. One of the main issues with Assassin’s Pride is its inconsistent tone. When I took a look at the poster for Assassin’s Pride I thought the show would be this engaging dark sci-fi action show, however more often not the show is a 12A generic action flick.

Sure it does have some dark elements in it, but they don’t show up that often in the anime and even then the dark elements were poorly executed thanks to the shitty. The writing is dreadful from top to bottom. It feels like I am watching a really bad fanfiction from thanks to the number of cliches that it has and the heavy plague of the show.


The selling point of Assassin’s Pride if you can call it that is the romance between Kufa and Angel but the problem is that they have little to no chemistry with each other.


The characters are as interesting as watching grass grow. They are not engaging in the slightest. Am still shocked that I remember the characters cast names after watching the final episode of this ambitionless garbage fire because they were just so forgetful and poorly written.


Assassin’s Pride is centred around two characters Melida and Kufa but the problem is that they are both such horrendous characters. Outside of their non-existent romantic chemistry, they are both boring, bland and irritating to watch.


The bottom dog of the two is Melida because her personality throughout the series is inconsistent. She’s meant to be this weak girl that will eventually get stronger, however, in certain scenes, notably in episode 2, she’s a total badass that can defeat her foes.

She had a cool moment despite the fight being poorly animated and it’s such a shame she reverts back to a weakening in the following episode where she relies on Kirito I mean Kufa. There are no redeeming qualities to this character whatsoever. She’s a total failure of a female lead if I ever think of one.


Kufa is a generic light novel protagonist 7830. Everything about him from design, dialogue and potato personality screams, laziness. The only thing that separates him from the countless generic light novel protagonist is he’s a vampire and even then it doesn’t really matter because the writing is dogshit.

The rest of the characters just exist for plot reasons and nothing more.


Assassins Pride is an end product of arrested ambition. It is a shell of anime that has no passion and soul. How can I enjoy a show like this when the writers have no ambition whatsoever? The only good thing about Assassin’s Pride is the opening of everything from the writing, visuals, characters, plot, soundtrack and pacing is a disaster. This is without a question the worst anime of the season as well as being one of the laziest anime I have ever seen in my life.  There’s absolutely no reason to show this unless you hate yourself.



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