My Journey Through Anime

It was the year 2005. I was a healthy joyful kid that drives for entertainment. I own a PS2 with popular titles such as Simpsons Hit and Run, GTA Trilogy, Spongbob Squarepants The Movie/Battle for Bikini Bottom, Jak and Daxter Trilogy various WWE instalments and many more. I was also into cartoons a lot especially the ones from Cartoon Network and Nicktoons. One day at my school lunch tables my former friends that I used to hang around were talking about Pokemon.

I was interested in the conversation, and they even showed me a Pokemon Fire Red cart. After school beg my mum to get me a Gameboy Advance with Pokemon FireRed. She denied my wishes for a while I decided to watch Pokemon Advanced Generation and Pokemon Original Series on TV to fill in that guilt. I did eventually get a Gameboy advance with the newly released Pokemon Emerald, but before you know it I became an anime fan. During that time I was not only watching all the Pokemon Animes on TV, but I also watched Yugioh, Beyblade and Dragon Ball Z. Of course being a kid I would love the heck of them.

This anime on TV mindset would go on until 2009. I would still watch Pokemon Diamond and Pearl TV (which I still love even to this day, and it has aged quite well for me) but I would start to expand my horizons, but watching more animes. I would watch stuff like Bleach, Naruto, Death Note as well lesser-known titles such as Outlaw Star, Hunter x Hunter 1999, Sailor Moon, Shaman King, Eyeshield 21, Inazuma Eleven and Slayers. In fact, The Slayers is one of the many series that has changed my life forever. Despite being a mid-1990s show it had everything that I wanted in an anime, fun characters, engaging storytelling, memorable music and most importantly a waifu that can look up to Lina Inverse. To this day Slayers is still one of my favourite animes ever and Lina Inverse will always have a strong place in my heart.

After 3 year break from anime mainly due to me getting playing games on PS3/Xbox 360, I decided to back get back into anime and the first anime I decided to watch was strangely the anime single-handedly change my life Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It was a show to phenomenal that made almost every single anime that I’ve watched prior to Code Geass look inferior to it. I still loved stuff like Sailor Moon, Death Note, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and a couple of others, but stuff like Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z and Yugioh just couldn’t keep up. Until recently Code Geass was my number 1 favourite. It’s still one of my favourites for sure, but it isn’t numbered 1 material for me anymore. That how amazing Code Geass was.

After what impactful Code Geass experience I started to watch animes such as Haruhi Suzumiya, Clannad, Toradora, My-Hime, Black Lagoon, Hellsing Ultimate, Darker Than Black, Soul Eater, Ghost in The Shell MAR, Black Butler, Evangelion Sword Art Online, Guilty Crown, Gurren Lagann, FMAB, etc.

I did sadly skip some shows that I would love back then such as Shakugan no Shana, Raildex, Marmalade Boy, Gundam 00, Shangri-La, Kodocha, Nadeisco, Full Metal Panic Spice and Wolf, Hyouka, Eureka Seven, but I would eventually watch and love them all.
I watched anime, made many new friends along the way.

I was the medium that I had the most fun with outside of video games.

In August 2015 I would create a MAL account where I get the chance to track all the animes that I watched.
7 months later I would enter the anime reviewing scene where I get to express my thoughts on shows that I love/hate.

So wrote reviews for popular animes such as Re:Zero, Konosuba, and Code Geass as well niche animes such as Gundam Build Fighters, Kodocha, and Slayers.
Also, around that time, I started to buy anime on home video as well as watching a bunch of cults following animes such as LOTGH, Princess Tutu Planetes and all of Kunihiko Ikuhara’s work.

Finally, we are present day. I have written over 200 anime reviews on my anime site. I made a bunch of friends throughout social media, left MAL in favour of the superior Anilist and I currently have over 300 animes on home video with more to come.

I hope my journey with this medium will continue as the years go by, and I hope you all will follow my journey.
Peace out.

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