Anime Review 263 The Girl Who Leapt Through Space

As an anime collector, I tend to look for something to cover in my blog review series.  Whenever it's a popular or niche title that I own, every time I look at a show/movie I would often envision myself going back in time to the point where I purchased that show and why I made that purchase to begin with. Was it the cover that applied to me, was it the premise that intrigued me, was it a popular show that people loved, or was it a cult classic or even a niche hidden gem. These are possible answers that I usually answer to myself whenever I look at a show in my collection. Aside from your typical anime home video mystery boxes that you get during the holiday... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 262 You’re Under Arrest Fast and Furious + Full Throttle

You’re Under Arrest is one of my favorite series to come out from the 90s era of anime. It’s a compelling, well written and hilarious buddy cop drama that explores the life of a typical police officer, presenting that police officers that go on patrol stopping crimes and protecting the public are also human beings... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 261 Girl’s High

I have a huge respect for the slice-of-life genre of anime. The majority of the anime from the genre has an amazing ability to make otherwise plotless storylines fun. My favorites include K-On, Lucky Star, New Game, Haruhi Suzumiya, Aria, Non-Non Biyori, and most recently Bocchi the Rock. That said, I have one gripe with the genre that I notice as I watched more of it the lack of raw realism of school life, especially on the CGDGT side of things. Not to knock against the majority of its peers as some of them are good shows (Kinozma), but I'm not fond of how many of them present the safe and basic side of school life. Everything seems happy and cutesy with these show's universes when in recently especially... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 257 Fruits Basket Prelude

This review contains spoilers for Fruits Basket Prelude. When I heard that Fruits Basket was getting new content after the final season had finished I was very uber excited as I wanted to see more Fruits Basket content whenever it's a squeal such as Fruits Basket another or some side stories that never made it... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 256 Moon Phase

One of my favourite holiday past times is Halloween which is the one day of the 365-year cycle, where people come and get together and celebrate the spooky day, from going to going Halloween parties and having a horror movie night marathon to Trick-or-treating with family members and kids. Outside of the Halloween party on... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 255 My Dress Up Darling

Whenever I see two or more animes projects being produced and aired in the same anime season I usually end up getting both excited and worried at the same time. Excited that one studio is working on two or more anime projects, worried that the one show that they produce gets the premium treatment while... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 254 Aquarion Evol

If you guys have been following me on social media or have read my review of it you will know that I wasn't a fan of the original Aquarion. It had all the ingredients to be one of a kind mecha classic, especially with its ancient mythical concept, however, instead, the original Aquarion decided to... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 253 Dance in the Vampire Bund

If there was one thing that I learned from watching Studio Shaft's earlier works is that they love their Vampires. From Moonphase to the Monogatari franchise despite recently finishing, they managed to make their vampire characters as cute and threatening as possible. That said I have mixed feelings towards vampire-themed anime as they tend to... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 251 Jujutsu Kaisen 0

It has come apparent that anime movies based on TV series are more or less very successful. They generally make a lot of money from fans who were willing to put cash down, so they can watch their favorite series on the big screen. We saw this Demon Slayer Mugen Train which is one of... Continue Reading →

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