Anime Review 156 My Hero Academia (Part 1 out of 2) Heroes Rising and Two Heroes

It has become to no surprise to anyone that anime movies based on popular series are usually subpar at best to awful at worst. Granted there are exceptions (Naruto the Last, Dragon Ball Super Broly and The End Of Evangelion) but the majority of the time these movies come off as these soulless and uninspired... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 152 Black Butler

This review will cover all seasons of Black Butler including the Book of Series stuff. Nostalgia can be both a blessing and a curse. Every person has a video game, movie, anime or TV series that they loved back in the day, however, as you grow up and you start to develop tastes you be... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 151 Prison School

If, there was an anime genre that I can label as wasted potential is would be ecchi genre. Despite the genre itself having 758 animes including squeals only a handful of them are actually good or at least competent. The reason why I say this is that the majority of ecchi anime tend no purpose... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 32 Re:Creators (2020 Redux)

“I understand that this is a complicated world. I know that this isn’t the world where everything you wish will come true. But characters like me from stories, our purposes have already been decided and we can’t escape them. Unlike us, you guys can decide where you go by yourself. It might not be easy,... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 150 Cowboy Bebop

If you are an anime fan by any kind, you must have heard of anime called Cowboy Bebop. It was one of many animes that impacted the anime medium as a whole.It was also shown that made people in the west started to respect anime as a medium. Before I watched Bebop back in the... Continue Reading →

Unpopular Anime Opinions Tag Post.

Unpopular opinion is a act of a person expressing their opinion on a loved or hated product in a opposite manner. Ever now and then a people from various mediums would express their unpopular on a product that people would other hate or love. For example I hate Little Big Planet 3 but lot of... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 49 Gundam F91

This is one of the many lost episodes of my reviews now restored and remastered to my current quality anime review standards. Please enjoy. Oh Gundam F91. What a sadly failure you were and still are to this day. For those who don't know Gundam F91 was meant to be a full-fledged TV series in... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 149 Brand New Animal.

There's nothing sadder than witnessing good ideas go to waste. Having a unique setting that barely gets explored or having the best story concept in the world turned out to be incompetent garbage. That description perfectly sums up Brand New Animal. An ambitious Trigger project that had the potential to be great but ended up... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 148 Promare

Ah, Promare. One of my two anticipated movies of the late 2010s alongside Code Geass Lelouch of the Re;surrection. Ever since its announcement back in 2017 I was utterly excited as I though Trigger would deliver an amazing movie debut just like Trigger had amazing TV debut Kill la Kill back in 2013. Then I... Continue Reading →

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