Anime Review 173 Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS

What the hell were Sunrise thinking when making Gundam Twilight Axis? The words what the hell I just watched couldn't be stronger here as after watching six episodes of this I was left baffled of how a show like this could have even exist. I've seen my fair share of bad Gundam shows but this... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 172 Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team

You have notice that it has been over 2 years since I reviewed a Gundam show. Not counting F91 as that more of a lost review rescue than a new review. The lack of Gundam reviews on my review series can lay on several things like franchise burnout, spending time reviewing other series to investing... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 170 Dr Stone

Its save to say the second half of the 2010s Shounen Jump has been dishing out a huge chunk of franchises into anime pleasing a lot of fans of the source material in the progress. Naturally, the adaptations are varied in quality it was nice to see some of the beloved series adapted. In 2019... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 168 Ensemble Stars

I haven't played any of the Ensemble Stars games mainly due to how inaccessible they are without doing some iOS exploit that lets you get games regardless of the region. Needless to say I heard good things about the games due to how interesting, complex and fun the characters were. My reaction prior to watching.... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 167 Cop Craft

The buddy cop is a very popular subgenre in western mediums. I love the idea of two people working together despite their differences with each other. It is a fascinating subgenre that can often lead to some of the best character writing in fiction. With that said why the anime medium doesn't have much buddy... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 164 Code Geass Lelouch Of The Rebellion Recap Movie Trilogy.

Featured image Credit: Chinnc I've always been a massive fan of Sunrise popular series Code Geass. Not only it was the show that truly got me into anime where I started watching anime frequently but it was also the show that impacted me on a personal level. Code Geass R1 is still to this day is one of my favourite things I've seen from anime. It had a fascinating plot, engaging political themes, a well written cast, superb production visuals and a beautifully composed soundtrack. It did have a few faults such as Suzaku inconsistent characterization to the polarizing Euphy scene in the final couple of episodes but other than that Code Geass R1 was a near... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 163 Astra Lost In Space

Astra Lost in Space was my most anticipated anime of the summer 19 season. It had such a fascinating premise that all the teenagers from different backgrounds had to survive in space. It truly had the potential to be one of the best anime of 2019. So why did Astra Lost in Space ended up... Continue Reading →

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