My Journey Through Anime

It was the year 2005. I was a healthy joyful kid that drives for entertainment. I own a PS2 with popular titles such as Simpsons Hit and Run, GTA Trilogy, Spongbob Squarepants The Movie/Battle for Bikini Bottom, Jak and Daxter Trilogy various WWE instalments and many more. I was also into cartoons a lot especially... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 23 Shaman King 2001 (Redux)

Shaman King was one of many anime that aired on Jetix back in my childhood days and it was the first shounen anime that I watched and loved from start to finish. A decade has passed and started from 2015 I started to re-watch a bunch of anime that I grew up with so I can see if the shows that I grew up with are just as good as I remembered. Shaman King was one of those anime I wanted to re-watch for a really long time because I wanted to see if Shaman King held up outside my nostalgia love for... Continue Reading →

Plan to Do list Fall 2021

With Halloween and Christmas just right the corner it's time to talk my plans of the Fall 2021 season on anime. As usual I will be going over the anime that I will be watching on the Fall 21 season as well show's that I will be buying on home media. Seasonal Anime that I... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 212 Wonder Egg Priority

Ah, Wonder Egg Priority, my most anticipated anime of 2021 as being the show that put studio Cloverworks in the negative light. You were the show that amazed me with sensitive ambitious storytelling, well-thought characters and masterful production values, but at the same time, you were the show that wasted its potential in the last... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 211 Plunderer

Have you watched an anime that was so bad that once completed, you immediately wanted to delete the episode files from your computer and forget that the anime ever existed? Say hello to Plunderer. Written by Suu Minazuki, the same author that gave us the beloved cult hit Heaven's Lost Poverty, Plunderer is one of... Continue Reading →

5th Anniversary

I can't believe that it has been 5 years since I made this blog that give birth to my review series. Over the 5 year period I've been review all sorts of anime as well making new friends. Reviewing anime is one of my passionate hobbies that as I want to share out my opinions... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 197 Lucky Star

This review contains some spoilers. One of the most drastic medium changes that I witnessed as an anime fan in the west was the reputational shift of older Kyoani works. A lot of these earlier KyoAni works out around the action-heavy phase of the mid to late 2000s meaning they’re often dismissed by a lot... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 207 Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone Part 1 out of 4

The Evangelion Rebuilds have a divisive reputation towards anime fans. You have people that absolutely adore the rebuilds thinking they are a massive improvement to the original, and you have the people that absolutely loathe these rebuilds with the passion thinking that they are a disgrace to Evangelion legacy. I adore the original Neon Genesis Evangelion. From its complex thematic exploration, tight writing, impressive, worldbuilding, multi-layered characters to fantastic music Neon Genesis Evangelion is a worthwhile classic that does everything right worthy of its iconic anime status, despite the limitations. It may not be my favourite Gainax work as I grew to prefer His... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 206 Goblin Slayer Goblin’s Crown

I’m going to make this straight. I’m not a fan of the Goblin Slayer TV series. I found it to be one of the messiest and tasteless fantasy series out there plagued with story and production issues. Even on a pure enjoyment level the show was a tedious slog that frustrated me to no end. I really wanted to love Goblin Slayer as I thought it would be the darker version of Slayers, Rune Solider and Record of the Lodoss War all shows that I love, but just couldn’t. Now normally I would just drop a story and move on... Continue Reading →

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