Anime Review 58 Kanata Maidens Toji No Miko (Redux)

Review first posted June 22 2018. If there was an anime from 2018 that I consider to be underrated it would be Katana Maidens Toji no Miko Despite having a low MAL score (which I will never understand) it manages to be the best 2 cour show from the Winter 18 season. The main reasons... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 188 You’re Under Arrest

This review will cover the first TV series as well the prequel OVA, specials, and the feature movie.I'm a person that loves discovering hidden anime. Hidden gems that people, not many people, have heard of. I covered a lot of hidden gems in the past some of those series ended up being personal favorites such... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 186 Golden Kamuy

This review will cover all seasons of Golden Kamuy. There was no surprise that Golden Kamuy had the unique premise and setting out of all the anime from 2018. Unique setting/premise aside I thought Golden Kamuy would be one of these one-trick pony series where despite having a unique setting and premise the writing and... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 185 A Certain Scientific Railgun T

It comes with no surprise that J.C Staff really worships the Railgun side of the Toaru/Raildex franchise. they clearly bring their A-game when adapting the Railgun series and even though the first 2 seasons had their mixed bag filler content they still managed to more polished than both Accelerator and all 3 seasons of Index.... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 184 Full Metal Panic

This review will cover all seasons of Full Metal Panic aka Season 1, Fumoffu, The Second Raid and Invisible Victory. The early 2000s era of anime were best known for experimentation meaning that we had a bunch of show's that attempted to combined various genres into one package. It's generally a good idea in practice,... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 183 Heavy Object

Anyone that has been following me for a long time you know that I have a complicated relationship with the Raildex franchise.  It was a franchise that both intrigued and disappointed me.  I found the setting of academy setting to be engaging as filled with mystery and lore in it.  It's such a shame that the main series A Certain Magical Index did not deliver as it promised. It chose to meander around with annoying cliches and tropes instead of focusing on the story and characters.  Then again Index was cursed from having a bad director who did not understand the complexity, charm and structure of... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 182 Shangri-La

Studio Gonzo often gets a bad reputation in the anime industry. They either get mocked by the excessive amount of CGI in the shows or having shows that have great premises, but failed to execute them. I understand people's frustrations with this studio I don't think they are as bad as people make it out to be. I enjoyed the majority of their show as they tend to be creative and unique shows. Even at their worst, they tend to be entertaining ride despite the possibilities of the show’s being train-wrecks. Shangri La isn’t... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 181 ID Invaded

ID Invaded was one of the many wonders from the decade debuting season of anime that frankly came out of nowhere due to its uniqueness. It is a psychological epic mystery thriller that tackles the subject of serial killers. ID Invaded immediately immerses the viewer with its unique set up that establishes the tone and identity of the show. Our main lead Sakaido awakens in a virtual fragmented world where he discovers that he in pieces and screams yet he doesn't feel any pain. He soon questions and adjusts to the surrounding that he is in. He looks around the virtual house discovers a dead body in the room named Kaeru. Seeing the corpse reminds him that he's a great detective. From there... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 180 A Certain Scientific Accelerator

A Certain Magical Index III was one of the most brokenly structured anime I have ever seen. It took arcs that people liked and butchered them to the ground due to disgusting pacing. Not only that but the writing, directing and production values were unbelievably appalling. Due to my utter disappointment with Index III, I went into A Certain Scientific Accelerator with zero expectations expecting it to be another butch job by J.C Staff. I watched all the episodes in one sitting, and... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 179 Fruits Basket 2019 2nd Season

Yoshihide Ibata's take on Natsuki Takaya's Fruits Basket is one of the best things to the anime industry of the last decade. He took a manga that is about attention to detail and character and managed to masterfully bring it to life. Providing a lot of nostalgia for both the manga and OG Fruits Basket fans aka Fruits Basket 2001. Fruits Basket 1st season was so good that I personally consider it to be one of the best things I've ever seen in any medium and the 2nd season continues the best of the streak with its outstanding character writing,... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 178 No Guns Life

This review will cover both seasons of No Guns Life. No Guns Life immediately stood out from its fall 19 seasonal peers. It had a unique gritty cyberpunk setting. It tackled themes of dehumanisation, slavery (in an appropriate manner) manipulation and discrimination. Despite all of that No Guns, Life still manages to be one of the better anime of that season, despite its few flaws... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 177 Azur Lane

I decided to check out the Playstation store looking for an anime-style game that will entertain me for a long while. The first game that showed up was Azur Lane Crossfire which is a 3D game adaptation of the gatcha mobile which retains all the elements of its mobile counterpart minus the micro-transitions. I checked... Continue Reading →

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